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Cleaning and Maintenance Procedures
for Aluminum Patio Furniture

Purchasing new aluminum patio furniture is a significant investment. Your investment will provide you with extra safety features and durability, as well as a new look. Improper care and maintenance will reduce the longevity of your new outdoor furniture just as it will do with your automobile.

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What is improper care and maintenance?

Not cleaning and waxing your new aluminum furniture frames. The most damaging materials are suntan oils, human perspiration, and environmental pollutants. When these materials are baked by the sun into the finish of outdoor furniture day after day without proper cleaning and waxing, damage to the finish will result.

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Environmental pollutants:
  • Unfiltered well or groundwater.

  • Pods, bark, and pollen of many tropical trees and shrubs. Exhaust from planes and cars.

  • Salt spray in the air.

  • Do not use a pressure washer on aluminum patio furniture.

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What is proper care and maintenance?

Many commercial pool areas have signs that require people to put down towels before sitting or lying on the furniture. If exposure to suntan oil, body oils, and acids is limited, then the vinyl won't stain as badly. This is difficult to enforce and doesn't prevent all contaminants from reaching the finish. What does work is regular cleaning with a mild detergent and a brush with a long handle on it, such as is used for cleaning cars.

I personally like Dawn dish detergent, because it has emulsifiers that break down oils and is almost scum free. I recommend that you clean your outdoor aluminum furniture this way every three weeks, and ideally try to get the pollutants off immediately. The aluminum frame parts of your patio furniture should be waxed with a light, non-compound car wax, such as "Turtle Wax". Just wax the arms and legs and exposed metal, don't get wax on the vinyl straps.

Do not throw your aluminum patio furniture in the pool!

Never throw your furniture into the swimming pool. Prolonged exposure to pool chlorine will severely damage the finish of the frame and vinyl and will cause corrosion of the aluminum inside the tubing. Most furniture stacks and can easily be stored in a covered area to avoid stormy weather. If water happens to collect in the frames, tilt the lounge and allow the water to drain before storing it for the winter. This will prevent the frames from bursting due to freezing water inside the tubes, which is not covered under the warranty.


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